It is a co-employment relationship between a Client company, outsourcing company and the Employee. The relationship between the Client and the Outsourcing Company is captured in a Client Service Agreement (CSA). The CSA establishes a three party relationship whereby the Outsourcing Company acts as the employer of the temporary employee who works at the clients premises. Under the CSA the temping company assumes responsibility for the personnel administration and compliance for most employment related government regulations, while the client retains the employee�s services in its business and remains the employer for various other purposes. With constant increases in the scale of operation, Study Group becomes an efficient resource partner offering staffing solutions � facilitating organizations to acquire flexible and permanent workforce in order to enhance productivity, quality and helping the company to reduce employment related risk.

Study Group works on two models in Outsourcing division
Model A - Identifying and recruiting candidates based on the client�s requirements and thereon managing the employees HR, Admin and regulatory compliance.
Model B - Transitioning pre-identified employees of the client onto Study Group rolls and managing the HR, admin and Regulatory compliance
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