As a people Management Company, our skills and expertise at Study Group cover a wide range of HR activities, interventions and initiatives. We operate as single entity addressing critical areas of Human Resource Management focusing primarily on Recruitment, Training and Manpower Outsourcing.

Study Group specializes with its driving caliber and strategy in the effective RECRUITMENT of Permanent Staff. With each assignment we undertake we become fully conversant with the needs of the organization, based on either specific position requirement or particular person specifications identified.

The services that we offer in the field of recruitment are as follows:

  • Headhunting
  • Executive Search
  • Database Search
  • Turn-key Selection and Staffing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is considered to be the most sensitive area of HR exercise, wherein we operate as independent strategic HR partner formulating yardsticks for various compartments of HR process, keeping into consideration the corporate objective of the corporation and strict adherence to its mandate to HR policies. The process ensures that the client remains focused to its core area of competence, at the same time ensuring higher return on investment.

To quote the Recruitment Process Outsourcing association,� Recruitment Process Outsourcing is when a provider acts as a company�s internal recruitment function for a portion or all of his jobs. RPO providers manage the entire recruitment / hiring process from job profiling through the on boarding of the new hire, including staff technology method and reporting. A properly managed RPO will improve a company�s time to hire, increase the quality of the candidate pool, provide verifiable metrics, reduce cost and improve governmental compliance.�

On-site recruitment support: We offer on site recruitment processing. That translates into unrivaled on site support for a client meaning expertise at any time of the day at your office. The consultant offering on site recruitment support brings with him unparalleled talent and expertise in the recruitment field. The consultant would be your single point of contact and would handle the entire recruitment cycle for every requirement essentially managing all your recruitment needs.

The web is a powerful medium. A medium that can offer the cr�me de la cr�me if one can wade through the heaps. At Study Group we have business associations with job sites and hence access to the best of talent and expertise. We understand what you need and we know how to give it to you by utilizing the channel in the most effective way, thus delivering quality, effective business solutions and a unique way to maximize your business profits through the most powerful tool of the World Wide Web. Screening potential employees using the web is a solution that has found great favour with our clients. Appreciably it works out to be the most cost effective method of sifting the grain from the chaff.
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